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Sheikh Zayed Mosque
1001 night
view from Shangri-La
a wintry fairytale
Neuschwanstein castle
Sheikh Zayed Bridge
Friedrichshafen awakens
Palazzo Pubblico
spring tide
haunted castle
the pillars of islam
Phare d'Eckmühl
Hohenzollern castle
visioni di Venezia
Christmas Wonderland I
Bay Square
Reykjavik Pride
ice palace
home sweet home
Boomtown Dubai
blue hour in Lindau
Ponte dei Sospiri
Notre-Dame de Laon
Dyrhólaey Lighthouse
San Giorgio Maggiore
two castles view
blue hour in Reine
Mont St. Michel
Tolerance Bridge
misteriosa venezia
Christmas Wonderland II
Notre-Dame de Reims
the lighthouse
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blue hour in Reine

When I reached this photo spot shortly after sunset, I had to set up my tripod in the middle of a group of pretty loud Italians. Since at that time the KP index was surprisingly high at 5 and so I hoped for northern lights after the blue hour, I prepared myself for a strenuous waiting time. But surprisingly, the Italians packed after a few minutes, long before the lights of the "city" began to shine properly, and withdrew. The clouds were quickly denser so there were no northern lights...