Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen

(Robert Bresson)

About Me

I am a nature photographer - I mainly shoot landscapes, animals and plants.

My goal is to make moody moments last. Colorful sunsets, magical fog moods and the nature in the change of the seasons belong to the highlights in photography for me.

I live in southern Germany on the beautiful Lake Constance, where I have some excellent fotospots right outside the front door. The German, Austrian and Swiss Alps are not far away either. But I also like traveling to more distant destinations around the world.

Contact Me

Judith Kuhn

Hauptstraße 28

88090 Immenstaad


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 One Eyeland Amateur Photographer of the Year 2020

1st Place Germany's Top 10 Landscape Photographers 2020

1st Place contest Fernweh-Festival 2020 "Sehnsuchtsorte"

1st Place contest Oct 2020 „Herbst - Reise“ 

1st Place contest Aug 2020 „Wasser - Natur“

1st Place contest May 2018 „Burgen und Schlösser“

1st Place Klinger Fotokosmos 2018 „einzigartige Landschaftsmomente“

1st Place contest 2018 „l'automne“

1st Place IPOTY 2017 Category Nature: Trees

2nd Place Photo is Light 2020 Category Architecture

2nd Place contest Oct 2020 „Herbst - Natur“

2nd Place Int'l Photography Awards 2020 Category Nature - Trees

2nd Place contest Aug 2020 „Wasser - Reise“

2nd Place & honorable mention Motif Collective Sep 2019 "stormy days"

2nd Place ND Awards 2018 Category Nature: Seascapes/Waterscapes

2nd Place contest 2018 „l'automne“

3rd Place Motif Collective Dec 2020 "minimalism"

3rd Place Motif Collective June 2020 "sunrise and sunset"

3rd Place Motif Collective Mar 2020 "reflections"

3rd Place contest Apr 2019 „Bergseen“

3rd Place contest 2018 „l'eau“

5th Place World's Top 10 Landscape Photographers 2020

11 honorable mentions ND Awards 2019

3 honorable mentions ND Awards 2018

12 honorable mentions ND Awards 2017

9 honorable mentions ND Awards 2016

8 honorable mentions IPOTY 2017

8 honorable mentions IPOTY 2016

6 honorable mentions Int'l Photography Awards 2020