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Sheikh Zayed Mosque
1001 night
view from Shangri-La
a wintry fairytale
Neuschwanstein castle
Sheikh Zayed Bridge
Friedrichshafen awakens
Palazzo Pubblico
spring tide
haunted castle
the pillars of islam
Phare d'Eckmühl
Hohenzollern castle
visioni di Venezia
Christmas Wonderland I
Bay Square
Reykjavik Pride
ice palace
home sweet home
Boomtown Dubai
blue hour in Lindau
Ponte dei Sospiri
Notre-Dame de Laon
Dyrhólaey Lighthouse
San Giorgio Maggiore
two castles view
blue hour in Reine
Mont St. Michel
Tolerance Bridge
misteriosa venezia
Christmas Wonderland II
Notre-Dame de Reims
the lighthouse
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Phare d'Eckmühl

I was especially looking forward to the well-known stairwell of the Phare d'Eckmühl in Penmarc'h in the departement Finistère. On site, however, it turned out that the desired photo was not so easy to get. First of all, the lighthouse is of course very busy, so the first problem was getting the stairs clear of people. The second problem was that the area under the stairs on the ground floor was closed off and therefore not accessible - so you could not just stand in the middle of the stairs and